• 1. How much does an elite website cost?

    CKI Elite websites currently cost $1000 for the Elite Package and $2500 for the E-Commerce Package. Each package comes with 3 add-ons that are listed in the The Elite Package or E-Commerce Package section of our website. Certain requested custom add-ons may be additional costs. Custom Systems are also available for an estimated price based on a case-by-case project. Discounts are also available. For more details on these discounts, visit the Elite Package section of our website. All websites are fixed costs and non-negotiable.

  • 2. How does payment work?

    All projects will be required half of the total upfront before we begin. Any additional costs (requested add-ons for example) arranged and decided will be added to the final half, if they do exist. The client will not have their website go live until the second half is received.

  • 3. Are there any refund policies?

    Refunds for the first half of the payment is eligible within the first 30 days with the signing of a contact. No refunds are eligible after full payment is complete and a website is made live.

  • 4. What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept checks only. At the moment we do not have a credit card option, but will have one in the near-future.

  • 5. How do I order a website from CKI Elite?

    To get an order for an CKI Elite-created website, you must first talk with a representative from CKI Elite. You may do so by filling out the contact form or calling the number in the Contact Us page.

  • 6. Do you take business outside of Texas?

    While our primary locations is in Houston, Texas, we can take business via phone and email or, if the order is over $2000, we can send a representative for a visit face-to-face.

  • 7. What is the average time of completion for a website?

    The time of completion for a website varies depending on the final decision of the client and the ability of the web developer to communicate properly with the client. Other factors including time spent on meetings, distance and availability can be involved. Most websites can be completed within two to four weeks.

  • 8. What happens if I want to add more features to my website after it's been completed?

    CKI Elite determines whether or not to take on the additional edits after a completion of a website. We reserve the right to decline. However, in the case of accepting any additional build outs to the coding or design, we will quote a seperate fee.

  • 9. Do you tweak already existing websites?

    We do not tweak any existing websites you may have not done by us. All projects must be done by us from the beginning.

  • 10. Do you host websites?

    CKI Elite does not offer hosting. However, we can give you step-by-step guidelines on how to purchase your own hosting accounts through reliable brands like GoDaddy and Hostgator.