Today’s society is filled with people who are over-fed, under-nourished and seeking advice and solutions to their health issues and concerns. Here at Allen Friends & Family Clinic, we not only believe that we should help our patients take control of their health through regular visits and medical interventions, we want to also care for their healthy living habits. We understand that everyone is always searching for a good quality of life and better wellness approaches. Sometimes, however, fast-paced lifestyles lead to poor dietary choices and chronically stressful lives. Therefore, we’re pleased to introduce our very own AFFC Wellness Program, customized for every patient.

Each AFFC patient have different health needs; a wellness program shouldn’t be one size-fits-all. Each patient’s program should be customized and planned, able to serve unique needs to the individual. With AFFC’s Wellness Program and our complete set of cutting-edge nutraceutcals, customized weight loss programs and supplement plans, our patient’s health is in trusted and caring hands.

Our health professionals review specific health behaviors and makes recommendations during a patient’s regular visits. These visits help attain effective, science-based solutions to a patient’s health questions and concerns in real time. We provide our patients with nutritional interventions, revolutionary technology and wellness-based education to better address any health concerns.

It’s out goal and mission at AFFC to empower our patients with dynamic custom health solutions and better options of well-being so they can better take charge of their health!

Our AFFC Wellness Program offers:

  • Advanced nutraceuticals. At the center of AFFC’s Wellness Program is our nutritional supplements, comprehensive science-based formulations that include Isotonix supplements. With advanced formulas designed for specific areas of health (including cardiovascular health, detox, digestion, age management and more), our advanced nutraceuticals can offer you additional support in achieving¬† optimal health.
  • Customized Nutrition. Helping our patients understand what nutritional supplementation option work best for them is important. That’s why our Wellness Program has robust, dynamic and customized nutrition and supplementation tools to help you understand exactly what’s needed and how optimize health. By understanding how a patient’s life choices or even genetics may play a big part in health, our Wellness Program is able to give patients the best possible nutrition and supplementation.
  • AFFC’s Lifestyle and Weight Management Program. Unlike most diet programs, our lifestyle and weight management programs encompasses a total lifestyle approach. We teach the benefits of low-glycemic eating, behavior modification, targeted supplementation and body composition to help not only change the way a patient looks and feels, but how also future planning in approaching life.

Interested? Our Wellness Program is Launching in Early May 2019.